November 13, 2011

Day at the fair!

Every year when the fair rolls around, I can't help but get excited. When I was little, the whole family would meet up at the fair. Aunts and uncles, and cousins, even grandma's and grandpa's. We'd all get the unlimited bands and ride until our hearts were content. We'd eat fair food and always beg our moms for a few dollars to see the attractions that were never real. (see: spider lady, giant man, bearded lady, etc.)

We're all grown up now,  and it's a little harder to all get together. We still got the unlimited bands and ate as much fair food as our tummies could handle (the corn on the cob and funnel cake are my faves!) Dakota even got to ride a few rides and she loved them so much! We spent a dollar or two on the attractions that we've seen countless times before. The best part about the fair though, is that after the fair, the Holiday season is right around the corner! I'm itching to decorate for Christmas, especially this year. No matter how much I want to, we will be waiting until the day after Thanksgiving around these parts. It's just a tradition.

Does the fair come to your town? What gets you in the Holiday spirit?
xo, Meghan

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