November 04, 2013

"lets get a silver bullet trailer, and have a baby boy. i'll safety pin his clothes all cool and you'll graffiti up his toys."

If you know where that line comes from, you are okay in my book. I'm still pinching myself in knowing that we are going to be having a baby boy! Before we knew what we were having I swore up and down all I wanted was another girl. Everyone else in both families wanted a boy. Especially Stephen. The clothes are sweeter, Dakota could easily share a room with another girl, and I already know about girls! Ever since finding out though, all I've been thinking about is having a tiny version of my husband. That thought makes my heart so full and happy. I feel like I will get to see what Stephen was like as a child with our son, and that excites me. I may not be able to make him dresses, but you better believe that I will make every bowtie he will ever wear! We've had his name picked out since before we had Dakota, and I can't wait to share it. Until then....a BOY!

October 28, 2013


Hi there! Long time no see (uh, type?) When I logged into blogger this morning it reminded me my last post was like 48 days ago, I honestly can't believe that! I guess all that matters is I'm here now, right? ;) 

Speaking of being here.....I am sitting here right now, in front of my computer in all of my 18.5 week glory biting down the nails I just painted because today is the day Stephen and I find out if baby is a gent or lady. I wish I could find an adjective that properly described my joy and excitement, but I even checked a thesaurus and nothing will do! Both of our moms are coming, as well as my sister-in-law and it's just going to be that much more fun with them there. When we found out Dakota was a girl, immediately after the appointment we drove over to Target and filled up our buggy with little pink onesies and baby soft blankets. So, you better believe that we will keep that tradition going. I can't wait! 

If you don't mind, say a quick prayer, chant, send a good though or posi. vibe our way that the appointment goes great and baby is looking healthy! I've been measuring a week smaller than I should be, so here's to hoping baby has had a growth spurt! Also, I have no inkling to weather it's a boy or girl, but both of our families are hoping for a boy, ha! What do you think, lady or gent? 

September 14, 2013


Last weekend Stephen and I celebrated our first anniversary as husband and wife with a trip to Savannah. I've been dying to go for years. Ever since high school I've been collecting the SCAD books they put out with the students artwork in them, daydreaming of a past where I went to art school.

We played tourists and meandered through the city with no place to be, stopping in each open storefront, sipping coffee from the local coffee shops and sampling food from all of the amazing places to eat. We walked down to the riverwalk at night hand in hand down a cobblestone road, and went on a thrilling ghost tour. Did you know they say Savannah is built on the dead? We hopped from square to square admiring the ancient buildings trying to picture how life was back then.The oldest building in Georgia can be found in Savannah! It felt really good for my type A self to just be. Just come and go as we please without a schedule to follow or a list to check. Even though we were only there 3 days, when we left we felt like we could call it our city. We came back home with a whole year of love in our hearts, hope for the next, and a love for a city, our city.