February 09, 2013


I thought it would be fun to show how I wear the dresses from my new collection. This is the Pie Date Dress, and it's my favorite, second only to the Ring Leader Dress. It's super sunny, perfect for spring, and also very versatile. I layered mine with my favorite collared lace shirt, and a few necklaces, but it would be just as  cute on its own. Can I be honest? I think it's weird to self promote. I also think it's impossible to get your name/your business out there without talking about it. I'm trying to learn that being proud of myself and wanting to show what I have to offer isn't as wrong/annoying/bothersome as I make it out to be. I think that showing different ways to style my dresses is okay, and is in the realm of self promotion I can accept. I'll be styling all the pieces from my shop here on my blog. If you'd like, feel free to look around and tell me what you think! You can find my shop here!


  1. That dress is adorable! Please, self-promote all you want..you have worked so hard. I think self-promoting is silly as well, but how else will people know if you don't tell them?

    I love the way you styled this and can't wait to see how you style the rest of your dresses.


    1. Oh thank you! That's exactly where I'm at! Thinking it's silly, but knowing it's necessary to move forward with it. I'm glad I'm not alone ;) And thank you again, for your kind words!

  2. Cute collection, girl! Loving the Wendy blouse! And you are adorable!
    xo TJ


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