March 14, 2013


One of the biggest disappointments in taking a hiatus from this blog was knowing I'd miss getting to share all of the wedding planning we did and the outcome of it all. I decided I wanted to share our wedding photos here because, well why not? The day was nothing short of perfect. Of course it didn't go completely planned, but I am okay with that now. These photos just make my heart so happy. I loved getting to share this special day with so many friends and family members, and being married to this guy is so much more fulfilling than I could have ever imagined.

I'll be breaking these posts up into different categories and posting them once a month. That way it's not overwhelming, but I want to have these in this space. That's important to me. I think these might be my favorite of all of them. The secret meeting, the hands thrown in the air in celebration. The lip gloss stain on the collar of his vest. The stolen kisses in between shots. The look on his face, staring at his new wife. It's bee a little over 6 months since we got married, and I've only fallen more in love. Going through these pictures felt so good. I was able to relive that day, and I swear I even felt the same butterflies I felt standing at the top of the walkway moments before I heard the knee weakening sound of "Your Hand in Mine" start playing. I think I will insist that we do that each and ever year our anniversary comes around. Look at these pictures. Relive the day, and fall in love all over again. 


  1. these are soo adorable!!
    p.s. cute blog :)

  2. Your wedding photos are breath taking! You looked gorgeous and oh so in love. :) Who was your photographer?

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous simply gorgeous!!!!!!

  4. beautiful photos!


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