December 21, 2011

Santa vs. Baby

This past weekend we took Dakota to see Santa. She loved him last year, and she seemed so excited this year. She "oohed" and "awwed", pointed and wanted to run up to him. But when her turn actually came, fear was all over her face. So maybe taking her while she was hungry, and sleepy wasn't the best of ideas, but I'm thinking that she would have done that no matter what. 

Ever since becoming a parent, I've learned time and time again that things don't go the way you always plan. In a perfect world, Dakota would walk right up to Santa, hop on his lap, and whisper everything in his ear she wanted for Christmas. Aside from the fact that she was scared, my dream scenario would require Dakota to know full sentences....which she does not! Despite our reassuring words, our gentle pushes to get her to just smile for the camera, and Santa himself telling her it was okay, all she wanted was Daddy. It was so sad, but I think we all got a little chuckle from it. Regardless of the tears shed, and the utter fear of the great jolly man himself, we had a good time. I plan on really talking him up this year when she sees all of her sweet presents, and probably every day until next year. Hopefully next year she will be more accepting of him! 

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