March 18, 2012

Photo Challenge Updates: week 11

This pre-weekend/weekend was so fun! There were birthday celebrations (3 to be exact), baby celebrations, lots of pictures taken in really cute outfits, a really fun DIY sesh in the living room post party, and lots of pizza, cake + ice cream to be devoured. Oh did I mention some really pretty horses to gaze at? I had originally planned to snap a picture of the two new additions to Bean's family while we were out there; Vegas + Champ, but time got away from me, and I would have much rather been petting them than taking pictures. So we have this pretty cloud shot that I took earlier this week.

I am surprised at the lack of pictures I have taken with either of my instax lately. Or any of my film cameras for that matter. Bean and I both used to go through a roll of 120 every week or two. I think we need to plan a day date and go around snapping pictures with all of our favorite film cameras! Mine would be the Diana F+ and his would be the Jack White Holga.♥ Yes, that sounds really fun!

How was your weekend? xo, Meghan

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