April 13, 2012

This Week:

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-Celebrated Easter with my little family. Dakota had such a great time finding eggs!
-Randomly came down with some nasty sickness, and haven't been able to breathe out of my nose for days.
-Wore my newest handmade skirt out on a perusing trip to Target + our bible study, with Angela.
-Completed week two of ordering off the secret Starbucks menu. (I got a cinnamon roll frap!) It's becoming a weekly (if not more) tradition of Angela's and mine!
-Finished my bridesmaids boxes and I'm giving them out this week/end!
-Went with my two babes on a trip to the bookstore.
-Wanted to make some of these yummy treats!
-Went on a sick date with Bean to get Mexican. ♥ 

Hope you have a lovely Friday! I'll be downing DayQuil in hopes of being better before tonight. xo. 

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