February 19, 2013


This is by far the fanciest dress I own. I've only worn it one other time, (on a special date night) because I don't want it to loose it's specialness. I do that a lot with my clothes. Deem what's fancy, not fancy, summer only etc. Does anyone else do this? I am however trying not to limit myself to the labels I've put on my clothes. For example: only wearing a dress once because I bought it for a special occasion, wore it, and now can't seem to find a reason to wear it again. That's totally ridiculous...are you listening self? I need to start working my closet more! This dress though, it's so good.


  1. I just love this outfit! that dress is so pretty and the colour of the cardigan works so well with it! I'm a new follower :)
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  2. ughhh I do that all the time - "I will totally wear this all the time!!!" and then never wear it. That dress is beautiful and should be worn all the time haah

  3. ah, so darling you are! i found your blog through instagram (which i believe i also follow your sister! she is a kindergarten teacher, which i am studying to be as well! so neat).
    i have a dress that i save for "special things" as well (well, used to!). i thrifted it, fitted it to me, and added a few special touches. i am actually selling it on my etsy shop now, because i hope someone can get more use out of it than me!

    lindsey louise



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