February 04, 2013


Words cannot express how happy I am to be writing this post today! After over a 6 month hiatus, I am here to report that I will be blogging again! I took some time off for a few reasons, some of which being: we canceled our internet to save money for our wedding, we got married (!!), and I just felt too pressured. No one was pressuring me, except for myself. I've written down a bunch of goals and ideas I have for this blog, and I am surprised by how different they are than goals I had for this blog when I first started. I pressured myself to write too many posts too fast, and not develop any quality content. I was naive in thinking I'd have to put little effort into making this blog a success. Don't get me wrong, I worked hard! But like I said before, I didn't spend enough time really developing concepts. 

This go 'round I don't plan to put myself on any sort of schedule. If I don't post everyday, that is O K A Y. Actually, I'm not even planning on posting daily. If no one reads my posts? So what! This is ultimately for me, and for my family. No set amount of words to meet some imaginary quota in my mind. No agonizing over photos that don't quite look professional. No repetitive, lacking emotion set schedule of posts that must happen every Monday, or Thursday, or Friday. As far as ideas, I do plan on posting about things I'm passionate about. And a lot of that is the content I was posting before, but this time I will be writing/posting/creating with purpose.

I feel embarrassed to even admit this, but I was constantly hung up by the fact that I didn't have/couldn't afford to pay someone to create a breathtaking design for me. I doubted my self and the thought that people might just want to actually read my blog because I didn't have a cohesive layout that was pretty to look at and set me apart. I even felt that way when I decided to start writing again. But I'm happy to say that I put on my big girl pants and got over it. I went to work trying to make something myself, and I'm actually proud of what I've been able to do. Will it win the imaginary 'Blog Design of the Year' award I've created in my head? Probably not, but that's okay with me! Because I made it, it's a refection of me, and I'm happy with it. It's so exciting to have a fresh new space to write/create in.

I hope that you'll join me on this new adventure of blogging with purpose. And in the meantime.....what have you been up to lately? ;) 


  1. I started following your blog a few weeks ago when I found you on Instagram. I was stalking it a bit and really fell in love with it. I'm happy that you'll be blogging again. Looking forward to reading more!
    Sandra xx

  2. I am so happy that i found you on instagram and i love your feed and excited to have now found your blog. I am looking forward to reading it and following your journey

    Keri-Anne x


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