February 08, 2013


There's a fun vintage store at First Friday we always stop in. A few years back I found these Valentines there. They ranged from $1.00 to $2.50, and I planned on giving them out as Valentines, but somehow misplaced them and didn't find them until weeks after Valentines Day. I've had them sitting in a basket for weeks now anticipating giving them away this year. My favorite part is almost every single one has a name/"to" "from" on the back. It's so fun to imagine the little girls and boys going to school excited on Valentines Day to give these to all their friends. Little "Earl" in his suspenders and sweet "Patty" in her saddle shoes. They still have a box full, so I plan on going back to refill my supply. I hope that one day Dakota will want to give some of these to her most special friends! 

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