March 02, 2013


 I love Instagram. It has sparked so many friendships, fulled so many craft ideas, and brought me countless bouts of inspiration. Last year I tried to commit to a 365 project and failed half way through. This isn't one      of those. But I do (usually) post at least one, if not two, photos on Instagram daily. Truth be told, I kind of love taking photos more on my phone than I do my actual camera because there are so many fun editing apps, beautiful filters and magical light leaks to be had! How about you? Are you a die hard DSLR user or an iPhoneographer? 


  1. oh, i do love instagram as well! i refused to get it for awhile, but after i gave in i feel in love (which was about two months ago!) i honestly do love my dslr more.. better quality pictures and i feel more "professional".

    lindsey louise

  2. im a new beauty blogger & i hope like this your stop by my blog & if your enjoy it feel free to follow :)


  3. I love Instagram too, I only use my iPhone and love playing with the filters too! I just printed some to look like polaroids and they look really cool. I often print photos of holidays or big events but it made a nice change to have some prints of my daily life!


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