April 11, 2013


I've wanted a maxi, or midi skirt for such a long time, but I've been holding myself back. I built it up in my head that you needed to either be freakishly tall or super short to wear one. And my 5'9 self felt right in the middle of those two options so I have steered clear. So when I got a gift card to Forever 21 for my birthday, I thought I'd just take a afternoon and try some on, and guess what? I round the perfect one, and fell in love! I'll probably go back and get every color they have, because I'm calling it now...this will be my Spring/Summer go to piece. I've already worn it 4 times since I bought it! Pretty, feminine and breezy, all pluses in my book! And speaking of pluses...this top. Triple peter pan collars, and buttons down the back. 100 percent gold. Stephen got it for me for Christmas, and he doesn't buy me clothes often. But when he does, it's always amazing.

If you want this top for yourself, or anything else from Modcloth, you can get 15 dollars off your purchase, when you create a new account! A n d  a l s o, I already don't like my arms, but seeing them in a sleeveless top is not fun. Know any good arm exercises? Toned summer arms, I long for you!


  1. Your comment about your arms is something I would say about myself, but just so you know, before I even read the text of this post, I noticed how awesome your arms look! I like the picture taken from behind the best; your tattoos and the buttons on the back of your shirt are so photogenic. I think you have amazing arms! I have been doing lots of push-ups myself, and while it has definitely toned my arms like crazy, in some ways they just seem bulkier and more annoying than ever. For me, I think the best way to feel good about my arms is to get a little bit of a tan. That always makes me feel slimmer. But seriously, you look fab!

  2. I love the shirt! The collar is to die for. And the skirt you paired is perfection. I am loving this whole ensemble. xx. McKenna Lou
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  3. You are so pretty, lady! And your style is just amazing. Seriously. SO GOOD.

  4. Just loving this outfit! Your man made a wonderful choice on the pretty blouse, and the skirt is perfect! I have a similar one that you have reminded me to dig out now that temps are hopefully starting to warm up!
    I just bought little 7 pound weights I leave laying in the middle of my floor to try to remind me to do a bit of arm exorcizes, though usually I either ignore them or trip over them instead :)
    Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah



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