April 22, 2013


Today Stephen and I are making our way up to Atlanta to get a new car! Small back-story: The week before Christmas a massive tree fell on Stephens truck (our only vehicle) totaling it. We'd been wanting a family car for a while anyway so we bought a Nissan Murano. Well last Sunday we had a pretty bad accident (we're all okay! but that along with a few other unfortunate happenings have made this past week one I'd like to forget) and they totaled it as well. We found a car exactly like our other one, Nissan Murano, with a few upgrades, bun warmers and a sunroof! So we are really hoping everything goes well for us tomorrow.

All of this to say that it's about a 5 hour trip, and you can bet there will be many sing-alongs happening on the way up there. These are some of our favorite tunes to play when driving any long distance. If you're on the way to Atlanta and happen to see a lady and gent singing at the top of their lungs and doing all sorts of amazing dance moves in their seats, hi! That's us. Also, if you happen to be on the way back from Atlanta heading South, and see a car crammed with IKEA boxes, that's us too. We're taking a small stop there and it's my first time, so I am beyond excited! 


  1. Good luck with the new car! I love this playlist! I'm on fire by Bruce Springsteen is one of my favorite songs!

    Ergo - Blog

  2. PERFECT! I love making mix cds. In fact my boyfriend has an obsession with them. haha.

    I hope the new car is suiting the family well.

    Hannah x

  3. I love "I'm on Fire." There are so many beautiful covers of that song, too. I used to love the Bats for Lashes version.

  4. These songs are perfect for a road trip. xx. McKenna Lou

  5. Oh wow a 5 hour drive! I can't imagine all that going on - hopefully this car can stick around with you guys! These are some of my favorite sonds to drive to also :D I put that Bob Dylan song on EVERYTHING


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