May 05, 2013

Happy Sunday! I just love Sundays! The sweet Chloe from the Lazy Explorers blog featured me a little while ago in her Explorer Series! It was basically a month long series with the theme Spring Critters. Hint: I wore bird shorts! You can see the full post here. And if by some crazy chance you aren't following Chloe's blog yet, go, do! Also, I think I fulfilled my exclamation quota for the day in this post. ha!


  1. Awh! This is cute! Thanks for hanging out on my blog for a day ;)

  2. i just read your post there, how cute! i adore the shorts here!

    lindsey louise

  3. I love exclamation points!!! Wooo!! Anyway, I loved the pictures, so cute. You make an excellent model. The shorts are amazing, too. :)


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