May 11, 2013


Is it okay to be still talking about my birthday? I don't care, I have to share this! For my 21st birthday, my mom planned a surprise Cowboys + Indians themed birthday party! How cute is that? Hindsight really is 20/20 because looking back I feel silly that I didn't pick up on some of the things they were doing. But she manged to pull it off without a hitch! All of my favorite people were there, my beloved teepee that Stephen got me for my 17th birthday was basking in sun after being kept in a box in my closet for years, my Indian princess outfit was all ready there and waiting for me to slip into it, and she made the most deliciously adorable food. Cactus Juice anyone?  

It's probably my most favorite birthday ever, with Disney World (5th birthday) and Disney Land/California Adventures (10th birthday) in close seconds! I've thrown a few surprise parties, but never been given one, and truthfully, I've always wanted one. So now I feel fulfilled in the birthday department. ;) Thanks mom, you rule at throwing one adorably sweet and fun party! 

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