September 02, 2011

B is for Ball

*half of the infamous collection*

Rubber, light up, plastic, bouncy, beach, and zoo-balls. You name it, this little girl has it. I'm not really sure where her obsession started, but it has taken over and doesn't seem like it will let up anytime soon. Before I realized it we had big balls, care bear balls, zoo-balls, numerous bouncy coin machine ones and the collection is still growing.

*one shoe wonder, with a softball*

Her first real word (aside from mama, dada, and uh-oh) was ball. How did she know what a ball was? And even if she knew the word, how could she associate it with the object? The only "ball" we talk about in this house is football, and baseball, both of which her daddy loves. So maybe it's something in the blood? The love for all things ball, and ball shaped.

Anytime we are in Babies 'R' Us or Target and she spots a ball you better believe she's not going to stop talking about it and pointing! Oh I wish you could hear the way she says it. Neither Bean nor myself particularly have a southern accent, but when Miss Dakota Moon says ball, you' d assume we were from the deep south! Picture your idea of the most southern thing you can think of, and even more southern than that! (I don't want to step on any toes by naming a "type" of southern) She says baaaaaaaaall. With the perfect southern drawl. I hope that she keeps that because it's extremely adorable!

*always finding the goodies*

Does anyone else have a kiddo that's borderline obsessed with a toy or object? And do they have a cute way of saying it? I hope I'm not the only parent with a slightly obsessed child!

xo Meghan

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