September 01, 2011

Fall is here! (in spirit)

It's September! And the start of fall! With that comes so many of my favorite things: long evening walks, layers, trick-er-treating in our beautiful neighborhood, Bean's birthday, trying to win the cutest fall decorated house, tights, costume contests, more thrifting, the fair, football season, apples and pine cones, pumpkin spice lattes and all lattes for that matter! It's safe to say that September through February are my most favorite months, and when the leaves and temperatures change so do I. Kurt Cobain said it best (my secret love) said it best: "Weather changes moods." I find myself feeling refreshed and inspired!

Don't get me wrong, I love summertime as much as any other gal! The carefree spirit that it brings, but fall brings in a sense of togetherness and family. Thanksgiving being the center of it all. Something is just so heartwarming about cold weather, people you love, blankets, warm drinks, yummy food, and cozy clothes!

It's a whopping 79 degrees and it's not even noon yet. By then it is predicted to be 94. Not very fall-ish is it? Fall doesn't really start in Florida until late October, early November. Not soon enough, if you ask me mother nature!  So until fall decides to slowly creep in, I'll just remember my love affair with it and patiently await it's much wanted return!

Has fall started anywhere else? I'm jealous!

xo Meghan

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