September 09, 2011

Fridays are for:

*Silly, unrelated picture of me and my mom's new kitten*

Fridays are for; spending time with your mom, picking up new supplies at Hobby Lobby, having your little girl take a three hour nap, staying the night at your moms, missing your man while he is away, your mom spoiling you while everyone is out of town, making your favorite soup and eating ever last bite, having a sweet sleeping baby in the next room, watching a movie just you and your mom and eating mint Oreo cookies-in your pj's, crafting, and relaxing. 

Normally, I associate Fridays with an action packed night. Something always has to be going on, we have to be going on some adventure, or just doing something out and about. Well this Friday is the complete opposite of that and I'm really enjoying it. I do miss Bean, but it's nice to have some girl time with my mama and watch a movie/craft. Three things I truly enjoy doing.

What are Friday's like for you? I hope yours is as perfect as can be!

xo Meghan

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