September 08, 2011

Tattooing on a whim, sentimentally

Yesterday Bean and myself (and Jared too) went to get tattoos. We found out this past week that Shauncey was coming back in town from Ocala.
Little back story: This past march I got a nesting doll tattoo by him, and Angela got a matching one by the owner of Monument Tattoo:
*hers is the left, mine the right*

Fast forward to Father's Day and I'm trying to think of something to give Bean. I made a little certificate and told him I'd pay 50 dollars towards his next tattoo. 

Present day Bean tells me this past Saturday that he'd like to get some sort of couples tattoo together by Shauncey. I love the idea. He's always loved lighthouses and I've always wanted a ship, so it seemed like the perfect fit! Those things go together, without clashing. They are always classic designs, and can have true meaning. I'm proud to say I'm the new owner of another tattoo. I'm so excited to have this with him! 

"All the kings horses, and all of his men couldn't tear us apart" -The Civil Wars
Both of them are on our right arms. Mine is towards the back side, behind my nesting doll and although I love it, I wish I could see it all the time. Bean's is in the same place, but his is a bit bigger so he can see his better. We left room underneath ours to add words later. Possibly for an anniversary or something? I think so! And because 3 is better than two, Jared's tattoo:

Pretty awesome right? All of these are via iPhone/Instagram. I promise to take better ones soon, I just couldn't wait to share! I'm proud to have something so meaningful and permanent with my best friend.  

xo Meghan

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