September 11, 2011

Sunday Funday: Bits + Pieces.

1. coffee table and a very mobile baby
2. very messy desk, pre-clean
3. organizing my closet
4. bed + twinkle lights
5. sneak peak of ds
6. pretty felt
7. closet organized!

I found this lovely idea via Ms. James and I think it's just swell! This Sunday has been relaxed and my moms BFF and husband are here so we're eating and chatting at her house. It's really nice to have them here for a short time! I love when they get together because they get so silly and stay up for hours talking and drinking coffee. It reminds me of when I was younger, and I love seeing them happy!

I'm thinking about doing this little thing every Sunday. It didn't take much (7 photos) for me to feel so thankful and extremely blessed. I'm sure everyone could use a little refresher every once and a while, especially me! I know the week tends to get away with me sometimes and I need to remind myself to find my greatest pleasures in my family, and the sweet little things in my life.

xo Meghan

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