October 20, 2011

Adventure Time!

We're going on an adventurrrre! (In my best flapjack voice possible!) Today Bean, Jared, and myself are taking a road trip, to Atlanta! As a late birthday present. I'm so excited, and it's safe to say everyone else is too. Bean and I took a road trip to ATL a few years ago for Spring Break, but since then, we haven't been back. Last time we visited everything from the World of Coke to the Georgia Aquarium and all the space between. And this little trip won't be any different.

I planned this entire trip around these two ideas: one + two. I've been known to throw a 'scavenger hunt' or some type of handmade/adventure into every birthday Bean has, but never fixed on an entire place. (Oh, except Disney World!) When I saw these two great ideas, I knew it was something I wanted to recreate. I'll show you the booklet when we get back, but I've compiled lots of different places to find in order to make sure we see all that Atlanta has to offer. I.am.SO.excited! Did I say that already? While we are there, I'm keeping my eyes peeled for an I-Zone. I bought 6 packs of film for a camera I don't own!

I'm off to cross my t's and dot my i's making sure I've got everything ready to go. Happy Thursday!
xo, Meghan

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