October 11, 2011

Deliciously Sew had their first craft show!

This past Saturday Deliciously Sew attended their first craft show! It was a learning experience  for sure!

Case and point: We baked our 'deliciously' part of the event into the wee hours of Saturday morning. (Mainly because it was Bean's birthday + birthday party, so we couldn't get started until after 10.) I didn't crawl into bed until after 2, and Angela said the same thing. We were supposed to be there AND be set up by 8:15 am. So 4 hours of sleep doesn't make for a easy early start. Lesson Learned: Bake in advance! And by advance I don't mean hours before the event. The items that we baked could easily be prepared as much as 3 days in advance, and I'm thinking that is just what we will do next time. Save ourselves the stress and get some extra Z's.

The entire week leading up to the event was cool-ish in the mornings and warmed up throughout the day. Little did we know, Saturday would be entirely different than the week before!

Case and point: We couldn't even set up our table because of the out-of-nowhere crazy winds!! I'm not kidding, we used an entire roll of scotch tape and had to send the boys off for masking because our stuff just would not stay on the table! As soon as we got everything set back up how it should be, in blew another gust and knocked it all down again. It was actually something to laugh at more than stress over. Just imagine grown, bearded men running across the parking lot to catch hair clips. Funny, right? Lesson Learned: Be prepared! Or, as prepared as you can be. I don't care if it's mid-June, I'm going to have a back up plan in case a freak snow storm pops up. Okay, maybe that is a little drastic. But maybe it isn't! The point is, be prepared! It was our first event, so I'm not going to be upset about it, because this is a learning experience. Mistakes are meant to be made, so we can learn and not make them again! There were crafters at the fair that were veterans, and they too had issues with the set up. They too, had things break, blow away, or just not look right. This helped us be prepared and have other options just in case our first option isn't do-able. We're even looking into getting an enclosed tent for issues like this past Saturday.

Not only was it our first craft fair, it was my moms birthday!

All in all, speaking for myself, I had SO much fun! We had a nice flow of customers, and didn't actually loose anything due to the wind. Everyone was so friendly, inviting, and accepting. We got many'a'compliment, which was nice and reassuring for our first go around. Everyone was great sports, especially the boys. I'm so thankful for the opportunity and for the partners I have!

I'm excited to say that we are officially booked for the event that we really wanted to be a part of! And have a few others up our sleeves. If you like us on Facebook (click that link!) then you'll be the first to hear about our events, new things added, and any other important info! Happy Tuesday!

xo Meghan

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