October 13, 2011

Why AhoyNative?

Today I thought I'd let you in on a little secret. The secret behind my blogger name 'AhoyNative'. A few years ago, when I was creating a flickr, twitter, pinterest, etc., I couldn't come up with a name. I didn't want my personal name because I was well, young. I was bound and determined to come up with something clever. More clever than $up!Meghan......oh myspace years. Anyway, something clever.

I tried to come up with something having to do with Native Americans, because I find their culture so fascinating. And I just love everything in general about the entire culture. I can't remember the things I tried to come up with, but I remember none of them being available. Then I thought I'd try to find something nautical inspired. That was also a bust. Hmm, I'm wondering now if that was a sign. Then it hit me! Put them together! So I did, and here we are. I like nautical things, and I like Native Americans......AhoyNative! I don't dislike it at all really. I actually like it.

There you have it, the longest, drawn out, story I could tell about how AhoyNative came to be! Hope your Thursday is wonderful.
xo Meghan


  1. I love the story of how your name came together. Such an easy and fun way to combine the things you love.

    Happy Friday!

  2. Why thank you, I'm glad it made sense and didn't seem like a rambling! Happy Friday to you :)


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