October 27, 2011

Funny Story

Before I tell you this story let me *preface* by saying that for Dakota's first birthday, her friend (coincidentally named Dakota) gave her a Dora ball pit. Similar to this one. She loves it so much. She's been known to carry all her favorite toys in their, and even take her food/snacks in there to eat.

For weeks now, Dakota has been doing this thing where whenever she needs a diaper change, she tells me herself. She either goes and gets a diaper from an easily reachable bin in her room, or she tugs at her "panties" and we know it's time for a change. Sometimes, she even lifts up her shirt and bangs on her belly, as if a 15 month old knew that's the source of it all. You're thinking yeah right. But it's true! Last Saturday we were getting ready to go somewhere and I wanted to give her a bath. This girl.loves.baths. Anyway, as the water was warming up all she had left on was a diaper. When I took off the diaper, she sprinted into her room. Normally she does like to run free, but I had never seen her so excited before. I didn't go into her room until probably a minute later, and do you know what I saw?  This girl was in her ball pit, squatting, and going potty. At first I was shocked! I called Bean to hurry and come in there and get her out, but my enthusiasm (okay, horror) startled her because she quickly jumped up and got out. The ball pit is clean now, but I still can't bring myself to bring it back inside. At first, the disbelief of it all had me questioning my child. Why would she do this? But the more I think about it, every child probably potties somewhere, in or on something. And I should be proud that she is so aware so early about these bodily functions. I shouldn't 'grossed-out' at something that everyone does, all the time. I should be proud of my girl, because she is one step closer to going on a big girl potty! 

I'm so curious, do you know/have a baby that has done anything remotely similar to this? Am I crazy to think she has an interest in potty training so early? Hope you have a great Thursday!

xo, Meghan

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