October 28, 2011

Fridays are for:

I apologize, last Friday I had planned to post my favorite things from that week, but we were out of town, and couldn't get internet service, in Atlanta....shame. Anyway, I'd like to show you some lovely things inspiring me this Friday!

Do you ever get the itch? The itch that stops you dead in your tracks. It can come from spending time on pinterest, browsing blogs or looking at magazines. The absolute dire need to put down whatever it is you're doing and redecorate. I have that itch! I'm in the mood, especially with this cooler weather, to cozy-fy my home and make it warm and inviting. A few spaces I'm loving:

This kitchen! *swoon* Mine is blues + reds also, and I just think that color combo is so charming!

This picture display has me dreaming up ideas. The possibilities are endless!

This wonderful 'up-do' of a mid century piece!

this wall of pretties is...., well, pretty!

and for the one day future baby, miss or mister-the salmon could easily be swapped for a more gender neutral color.

this entire living room shut.up!

One day I will have a fridge just like that! And um, hello scalloped + stripe-y goodness!


What are your main sources of inspiration? Hope you have an inspiring Friday!
xo, Meghan

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