October 09, 2011

Playing catch up

I got wrapped up yesterday in last minute surprise party plans and didn't post my playlist! Like I said, yesterday was my mama's birthday! All day long I acted nonchalantly about the whole day (while still being sweet because it was her birthday!) in hopes that she would have NO IDEA that I was planning a surprise dessert party later that evening for her. Well she didn't, and it was such a fun thing to plan! We had ice cream, cupcakes from Lucy & Leo's, homemade carrot cake from my sweet grandpa, cookies, chocolates, and cake balls. It was a lovely black and white themed dessert party and I'm pretty sure she had a great time! If not from all the desserts, then for sure because of everyone screaming SURPRISE and popping confetti poppers. I'd say it was an A plus event in my book!

So, I decided to save the playlist until next week because it is one of my absolute favorites! I hope you understand! I've got a bunch of posts planned for this week including outfit posts and our first experience at a craft event. I'm off to craft and watch Friday Night Lights with Bean. We had a date night tonight, it was wonderful!

xo Meghan

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