October 08, 2011

Today is a day full of all things wonderful! First of all, that cute kid up there is my mom. It's her birthday today! It's crazy to have two birthdays back to back, but it's also fun because there is twice as much fun and twice as much celebrating! Not to mention twice as much cake, ice cream and presents! Happy birthday to the most lovely, wonderful, bestest mama in the world! I love you! ps, isn't that outfit shes wearing to die for!?

It's also an awesome day because Deliciously Sew had their first show! It was defiantly a learning experience. We had a good flow of customers, got our name out there, and had good feedback and I am so grateful. Not everyone can say they were as successful on their first day! I'll share the pictures (the few I managed to take) and the story next week. I'm currently watching the clock for 6:30 because we're having birthday dinner with my mom and I haven't had a chance to eat all day. Can you say, sooo hungry? I'll be posting Songbird Saturday in just a bit!

xo Meghan

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