November 16, 2011

5 Random Facts

Okay, so there has been this '5 random facts you may not know about me' going around on Instagram and I thought it would be fun if I shared some! No they aren't secrets, per say, but they are things you might not know. If you have an Instagram or blog, I pass this on for you to do too!

  1. I am seriously, super duper, like omg, can I has? obsessed with pugs! I've wanted one for years and now that Dakota's a little older, I'm thinking it's the perfect time to get a puppy. If you were curious, I'd name a girl pug Isabella and call her Bella. If I had a boy I'd name him Kingston! You know I've got it bad if I've already picked out their names.....Help a girl out!
  2. I detest milk, with a passion. I only remember once in my life trying to drink milk and it was in first grade. I haven't tried since then and I don't really have any plans to. *Thinks can change!* The only thing I can tolerate milk on/with is cereal, but only enough to actually get the cereal wet. 
  3.  The first tattoo I got was for my grandma. I was 16 and my grandma died 7 months before. When my birthday rolled around, my mom surprised me with a trip to get a tattoo (what a cool mom!) and I chose to get one for her. It's an owl wearing glasses (she liked owls and wore glasses) and says ma'amaw underneath it. 
  4. After having Dakota, the only thing I ate was fizzy skittles. This is so strange to me, but it's true. I've never really shared anything about Dakota's birth because I started this blog after she was a year old. But when I was in the hospital and even for a few weeks after she was born, I just couldn't stomach eating any real food. The only things I ate were the fizzy skittles and yogurt. And for everyone who brought me bags and bags of those per my request, you saved me! 
  5. I almost always read the last page of a book first. I've read a lot of books in my life, but for some reason, I have such a hard time finishing them. No matter how much I love the book. I think it's because I don't want the story to end, I kind of get wrapped up in a book when I'm reading it. And so for years now, whenever I start a new book, I read the last page/pages first just in case I don't ever finish it. I'd feel awful if I never knew how a book ended.
Well, there you go! 5 completely random facts that I'm sure you didn't know! Maybe didn't want to know ;) Whats something I don't know about you?

xo, MB 


  1. I really had no idea.

    Five things about me....
    1. I laugh when I get nervous and just can't stop.
    2. I am a sucker for Handy Manny, I just can't get enough.
    3. I prefer to get things in pairs, no matter the item.
    4. I have never read or watched a Harry Potter book or movie.
    5. I am so excited to see Breaking Dawn on the 18th and am hoping to go with me honey. We shall see.

    Thank you Meghan for starting this blog. I love learning more about you and think you are so talented in so many ways. I love you and am so proud of you.


  2. I saw Breaking Dawn, did you? It was really good! Now just to wait for part two....


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