November 16, 2011

Adventures in Atlanta! Day Two + Three

I shared our adventures in Atlanta in this post and I thought it was time I followed up! Day two consisted of even colder temperatures and an even earlier morning. My mom bought Bean and I Pemberton Place Passes for his birthday. That included our entrance to both the World of Coke and the Georgia Aquarium. Bean and I went a few years ago for spring break and we had a great time! I could get lost for hours in the aquarium.

Last time we went I didn't think we spent near enough time at either place even though we spent close to all day visiting both. This time was no different! My favorite flavors of coke came from the Africa station. They were sweet and fruity and super yummy! We spent hours at the aquarium, taking in all they had to offer, but I still felt like I could have spent a few more hours there! We spent the rest of our day roaming around Atlanta making stops at: a Barnes 'n' Nobles so I could charge my phone, the Varsity, the CNN center (where I hoped to catch a glimpse of Anderson Cooper♥) the Olympic Field (where they held the '96 Olympics!), downtown, Atlantic Station, a MASSIVE Target and a H+M, and the Hard Rock Cafe. It was a super fun day!

Day three was mainly a travel day. The boys did a little fishing and I went to Urban Outfitters one last time, but after that we headed home. Bean apparently had the camera more than I did this day because I only came across pictures of me! I apologize....

random photo of Bean + the founder of Chickfila!

I still have two more posts about Atlanta I can't wait to share! One on how I made my adventure book, and the other with all the instax from our trip. Maybe I'll even share our collection of Aquarium photos? Thanks for coming along with us so far! :)

xo, Meghan

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