November 15, 2011

Custom Magnet D.I.Y

So I came up with this D.I.Y when I was in need of a party favor for Dakota's first birthday. Of course I had little treats, but I wanted to send something personal home with all of the guests. (aside from the hand painted chalkboard mason jars!) For Dakota's party I paired a picture of her with a piece of rainbow polka dot paper, since her birthday party "theme" was rainbow.

Today we will be making totally custom magnets. Use them for parties, weddings, Valentines gifts, as a way to spruce up your fridge with something cute. The possibilities are endless! It's super easy, and super fun!

Materials Needed:
-Spray Adhesive, I got mine at Hobby Lobby
-Glass Gems, found in the floral department of most craft stores
-Pretty Scrapbook paper
-Wallet photos* of your subject

Not Pictured:
-Hot glue gun

*Be aware that when you print wallet photos you will be printing 4 of the same photo. It was a plus for me in this case because we needed 48 photos of Dakota. If you're wanting different photos, you'll be getting 4 of each photo you print!

-Trace your gems (flat side down) over your image and/or scrapbook paper. For the most perfect picture, you'll want to trace each gem individually because they are all different in size. If you're in a real rush, use your first picture as a template.
-Cut out the images you just traced!

-After you've cut your circles, you're going to use the spray adhesive to spray your gems. Hold the spray about of 6 inches away from the gem. You don't need a lot of spray. Quickly place your circle on the sprayed gem. After you've sprayed them all, let them sit with the round side down for at least a few hours. I let mine sit over night. 
*This part is a little tricky. If you plan on only making a few, I suggest you wear gloves. But if you are making a whole lot like I was, wearing gloves is hard because the gloves get all sticky. You'll have to be brave and spray them bare handed! Most of the spray comes off after the first wash.*

-After letting them dry, trim off any excess paper or photo you notice!

-Add a little hot glue to one side of your magnet and glue onto the back of your picture. Let the glue dry before you hang them up.

Hang up your magnets and enjoy! Have fun creating!

xo, Meghan

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