November 21, 2011

A week of Gratitude//Thanksgiving flower crown D.I.Y

Hi and welcome to A Week of Gratitude! Today I have a super easy, fun little D.I.Y you can whip up in minutes! You only four supplies, a few minutes, and 3 steps! You'll find the instructions below! If you make one, send me a link, I'd love to see! xo. 

Hot glue gun//scissors//a headband (skinny or thick, your preference)//fake flowers in fall colors

Step One//Cut (or pull if you can) off all of your flowers. Make sure to trim the back of each flower so they are relatively flat. For my headband I used 10 flowers. 
Step Two//Lay out your flowers and arrange them in the way you want them to be on your headband. It will be easier to reach down and get exactly the one you need instead of trying to pick through all of them!
Step Three//Starting in the middle, put some hot glue onto the headband and place the flower flat on the glue. If you want the front of the flower to be seen, try laying it at an angle. If you want the sides of the flowers to be seen, lay it flat on the headband. Press down on the center of the flower to secure it, then start gluing the rest of your flowers on. Be sure not to place your flowers too close together or else it will look crowded.

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