November 23, 2011

A week of Gratitude//Thanksgiving turkey appreciation cards!

It's already 11 PM? What, how did this happen? I've been coking up a storm and cleaning a lot today. I probably look like a Tasmania devil going from room to room trying to get things done. This year, I'm cooking my first Thanksgiving meal and I'm equally excited as I am nervous. Even though it will just be us three + Jared, I still want everything to be perfect. I'm more so trying to clean to make sure the house is spotless for when we start setting up for Christmas! I'm so glad the day is finally, almost, here!

This little craft is something super simple, and something you can whip up minutes before heading out to your Thanksgiving festivities! We made these last year for Thanksgiving!

Materials Needed:
Colorful cardstock scrapbook paper (or construction paper)
A willing kiddo (or in my case, a not so willing, which will make the task a little more daunting)

Basically you lay your kiddos hand flat and trace it, but when you're tracing it, keep in mind the body of a turkey. Moms, cut out the turkeys for your kids unless they are big enough to do so themselves. My favorite part about this is when you're done cutting out all your turkeys, make them personal! Write notes to each loved one you'll be spending Thanksgiving with. We did this last year and put Dakota's baby hand print on each one and I'm telling you, there wasn't a dry eye at the table! Give them a prompt to get them thinking: "We love you (insert relative) because (blank)"! It's fun to see what they will come up with!

*try finding pine cones to put your turkeys on!*

Hope you're having the Happiest of Thanksgiving Eve's, and not spending too much time in the kitchen! ;)

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