December 12, 2011

Advent Calander//recap

If you guys are anything like us, you look forward to opening the advent calendar each morning! This is the first year we've done it in our house, and since Dakota is only 16 months and doesn't really understand it all that much yet, I've filled it up mainly for Bean. There's lots of things for all three of us to do, but a few special things just for him! ♥ I had originally planned to make our calendar, but time got away from me and this is what we have. I think it's cute though, and I think that I will make one for Dakota and future babies, and keep this one for Bean and I. No reason we can't all count down, right? :)

Day 1:// Let's make a paper chain!
Day 2:// First Friday? Then put up Christmas lights!
Day 3:// Festival of Lights!
Day 4:// Lets make paper snowflakes!
Day 5:// Poinsettia (which I forgot to pick up, wahh)
Day 6:// "Let's run around town like we own the streets"
Day 7:// We can go print our Christmas Cards!
Day 8:// Trip to the bookstore!
Day 9://Go thrifting for sweaters!
Day 10:// Build a gingerbread house!
Day 11:// Ornament: I crammed a bomber type hat ornament into that tiny box!
Day 12:// Put Dakota is her Christmas footie pj's and read Christmas stories to her!

Of course all these days also had some candy inside! Are you doing an advent in your house? What have you filled your days with?
xo, Meghan

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