December 13, 2011

An Engagement Story!

The full story....

Six days ago, I got engaged! It's all still so surreal, and I kind of have butterflies. The day he asked me was actually our anniversary. December 6th. He told me the night before that he had made plans, and he'd tell me in the morning about them. Well, the morning came and went and he hadn't told me. (I was kind of sad, because I thought he didn't want to do anything) But then mid day he told me that he had made an appointment to get our pictures taken with my lovely friend Heather. (We've had our pictures taken with her before, and they were wonderful, but it was my idea!) Anyway, he said we had to be there no later than 5:30. The entire day went by, and I told my mom "This just seems so silly, why would he do this?" "this doesn't seem like something he would do" I obviously give him NO credit! Well when he came home from work and wondered why I was still painting my nails and not getting ready, it occurred to me that maybe we really were taking pictures. I quickly got ready, but by the time we were out the door, it was already starting to get a bit darker. He brought the big heart that says "Grow Old Along With Me" that he gave me last year for our anniversary, and that just seemed so foreign to me. I'd never seen him really pay attention to that much detail, let alone plan an entire photo session, and bring props! When we showed up, the entire thing; looking back (because hindsight really is 20/20) seemed so strange! We walked around the most beautiful park, Dorothy B. Oven, where we have been countless times before. We posed, and posed, sat in the walk way, went by the fountain and saw a pug* (eep!), and I was having so much fun! I had, pretty much, forgotten that weird feeling I had when we first got there. Then we came to the gazebo. Heather led us there because it was "so well lit"...little did I know. We played around a bit, stood up, sat down, and then stood back up. Bean kept insisting we stand up. I kept saying "why?!" When we stood up, I grabbed his hand, and it was kind of sweaty. He kept looking at me, but not really, and then he looked at me, smiled, and got down on one knee! I will never ever forget his face, the sweetest face I've ever seen. Everyone was smiling, happy, and crying. 

*the actual proposal!*

As soon as I broke the news, everyone informed me they had known, for over a year! I can't believe everyone kept a secret that long. It was such a dream come true. We spent the rest of the night riding around town, calling each other fiance  and talking about our "dream wedding." It was the most magical night, ever.

*I told Bean one day that my dream engagement would be if a pug came running up with the ring attached to her collar, and I got to keep both :) Since there was a pug there, I just knew it was perfect, even though it would have been perfect without it.

xo, Meghan


  1. This is so completely adorable, I'm so happy for you! Sounds like any girl's dream proposal :3

  2. .......I forgot to mention that the post gave me chills! For real! :)


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