December 29, 2011

Christmas Festivities!

I hope it's not too late to be posting this? It's only a mere 4 days after Christmas, but it feels like much more! Truthfully, the first days after the holiday have me feeling bummed. What's keeping my spirits up is having Bean home for a week! I'm so thankful for the time he gets off around the holidays. With that being said, Christmas was a blast! I wasn't sure how Dakota would feel, or if she would understand the concept at all, but after waking up Christmas morning realizing that Santa had visited her and it was indeed all for her, each one after that kept getting sweeter. We had a total of 4 Christmases (including ours), 2 dinners, a Christmas Eve party, lots of snacks and lots of company. It was a crammed day to say the least, but so much fun. Dakota made out like a bandit, and now we're having a week of clean to make room for the new and pass on what we don't need anymore. It's really refreshing!
My favorite part about the whole day (aside from being with family!) was watching Dakota walk right up to her new kitchen, stick her cup full of milk in the microwave and start pressing buttons. Be still my heart! ♥ I hope your Christmas was as merry and Santa was good to you. xo, Meghan

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