December 05, 2011

A family ritual

As of yesterday, we have 3 decorated trees under our belt. That's right, 3! We've decorated at my moms house,  Bean's moms house, and our own house. If that doesn't put someone in the Christmas spirit, I don't know what will. What I love most about decorating with both of our families is the chance to treasure each and every special ornament. It's so fun to hear each back story (and believe me, there is one!) for every ornament. Where it came from, how old it is, how special it is, who it used to belong to. It's my favorite! It's even more special this year, because we get to make our own memories, and pick special ornaments with Dakota. This will be her second Christmas, and I just know she will be so excited. This time of year gives me warm fuzzies!

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