January 06, 2012

Goals in 2012

So this year, instead of coming up with some goals that I know I will quit within weeks of starting, I tried to really think about what I wanted out of this year. Resolutions are kind of silly, especially the kind that involve loosing 20 pounds in a week or quitting smoking, cold turkey, or any other extremity. I know that I have been guilty of making unachievable goals, only to feel worse about myself than before I started. This year I was determined to make goals that I not only knew I could achieve, but wanted to work towards. Things that would help me be my most creative, honest, hardworking self. At the end of the day (or year) I want to be able to sit down and really be proud of the things I've accomplished, and not worry about the things I didn't or couldn't.
1. Get 2 new tattoos this year. I've been wanting to get a tattoo for Dakota since she was born, but I didn't exactly know what I wanted. I like the idea of a silhouette type tattoo, but that's not all I wanted. I wanted it to be special and personal. A few months back I came up with THE perfect idea, but failed to write it down, so naturally I forgot. I remembered it last week and even told Angela, so she won't let me forget! I plan on going next month to get it. It's well past over due seeing as Dakota is approaching a year and a half, oh my! (But that's for another post on it's own.) And I have an idea for my other thigh that I'd like to put in ink sometime this year. 

2. Read at least 1 new book each month. As I mentioned in this post, I just started the Hunger Games series. I've already finished book one of the trilogy and it's only 5 days into January. I hope I can keep on schedule with this amount of reading. I've got at least 8 Monk books patiently waiting for me! Also, I say new books because I tend to reread my same favorite books over and over. (Even though anytime I read a book, I *usually* fall in love with it and it becomes one of my favorites.)

3. Learn to use my sewing machine. I just got a new sewing machine for Christmas, and I am eager, yet terrified, of using it. My grandma used to sew like crazy and she taught me how when I was young but I think I forgot, or I'm afraid I'll mess it up. My hope it to start making clutches, pouches, and fabric bows for DS. And hopefully learn how to create patterns and make things for Dakota and myself (dresses in particular!) I just need a shove and maybe a lesson, or five. 

4. Tithe monthly.  This is super important to me, personally.  My blessings come from the Lord and only Him. What a great way to thank and glorify Him by giving back a tiny portion of what He has so richly blessed our family with. Our church just moved into a new sanctuary, and I'd love to help be a part of paying off the building fund. I plan to really stick to this, because in the grand scheme of things, I am not deserving of anything He gives me, so I should give back everything I have/can to Him.

5. Be kind + encouraging.  This is going to be my mantra for this year! I'm not generally a mean person, or rude by any means, but I think I'd like to start being more aware of how I act and treat people. When someone cuts me off in traffic, instead of getting angry or yelling, I'm going to try to give a polite smile and wave. When someone is rude/sarcastic (even I am guilty of this) I won't take it to heart and return the rudeness. There can be life and death in the tongue, and I'd like to speak and act positively and not the latter. 

6. Complete a 52 weeks of instax project.  I set out to do this last year and failed miserably. I probably only took 3 or 4 photos. Don't get me wrong,  I took lots of instax photos, but not on a weekly basis and then I used up all my film and never bought more. This year I got an Instax Wide for Christmas, so I hope to alternate between that and my mini. I'm also part of a #photoaday on Instagram. I think I'll be sharing both those and my instax progress each Sunday!

7. Blog Consistently.  I only started this blog a few months ago, but I love doing it! It's so fun to write and talk about things I enjoy. I like the fact that I have this space, so that I can not only express myself creatively, but keep a virtual scrapbook for my family to look back on one day. But by blog consistently I mean that I'd like to do more 'what I wore' posts, because I love them. I'd like to come up with a consistent weekly feature, showing things I truly love/believe in. And my main hopes for this blog were/are that I'll meet some serious, real friends. There are so many wonderful and lovely people out there that I want to be friends with! I've never been one to have a million and one friends, I've only had a few close friends, and since high school it seems like those friendships have tapered off. It's like they always say! 

8. Wear red lipstick; at least once. I'm a girl, I've never worn lipstick, let alone red lipstick. I think it needs to be done once in my life, so why not now? I mean, does this really need explaining? ;)

9. Bake something every week. My mom just gifted me a kitchen aid and this is the perfect excuse to break it in! It's fun and I'm sure Bean and Dakota (and probably our parents, the neighbors, random people on the street that I'm passing this out to) won't complain! I've got a slew of recipes I've been wanting to try lately. 

10. Devote extra time to Deliciously Sew. Weather that be baking and coming up with new recipes, working on keeping up to date with photographing inventory, dreaming up new display ideas, updating the Facebook, coming up with new ideas, or pouring time into the etsy. This business is only go as far as we push it, and I'd like to put in as much effort as I possibly can!

Well, there you have it, my short list of 'goals' to live by this year. I know it won't be easy, but they're not supposed to be easy, right? Good thing I'll have you to keep me accountable! Have you made any resolutions or goals of your own? I'm off to work on goals 2 and 3 right now! xo.♥ 

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  1. I love your resolutions. Especially the sewing one! :) Can't wait to see your creations!


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