January 15, 2012

Photo Challenge Updates: week 2

52 Weeks of Instax: Week two and I'm still going strong! I really wanted to take a picture of my cute tights, socks + boots combo today, but I'm still getting used to the Instax Wide...so you have a picture of my feet that I tried to make look better by writing on it. I'm breaking all the rules...! --- Also, isn't that fabric lovely? Bean took me to pick out some fabrics from Hobby Lobby on Saturday night  (Dakota was staying the night with Gigi!) and this was one of them. We came home and realized we had no idea what we were doing, but we did manage to thread the machine, improperly, and stitch a few lines. Sewing is so intimidating!  

This week on Instagram: (@ahoynative)  1. Your Routine // 2. Childhood // 3. Where you sleep // 4. Close Up♥  // 5. Whats in your bag // 6. What you're reading // 7. Happiness

This is turning out to be super fun! I wish you the most happiest of Sundays! xo, MB. 

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