January 19, 2012

Wedding Planning: And so it begins

It is perfectly okay to be talking about wedding planning, right? We've set a date, and therefor I believe it is completely acceptable to be dreaming up the perfect day! Oh, did I mention it's in 8 months? EIGHT months!!! I've already scribbled down pages and pages into my journal, and devoted an entire board on my Pinterest to the wedding of our dreams! To say I am over the moon excited is an understatement. I plan on sharing our ideas here, just so that I can have another outlet besides my journal, and Pinterest. Kind of like a combination of the two in one place...here.

Anyway, enough of me validating my reasons for why I think I should share this.....and onto the sharing! We've basically got our color scheme, "theme" if you will, ideas for entertainment, dresses and suits (or lack there of!), and venue picked out, but one thing we haven't yet talked about or even taken photos for is Save the Dates/Engagement Photos. I've been poking around, trying to find exactly what we are looking for, but it's sooo hard to choose. There are so many lovely artists, DIY Save the Dates, engagement announcements, types of paper, and commercial places to choose from! These are a few of my most favorite ones:

One // Two♥ // Three // Four //  Five  // Six // Seven + Eight (not pictured!)
See what I mean when I say it's so hard to choose? Aren't they all so adorable? I kind of favor number two because of the story...it's actually true in our case. I haven't told anyone that, but it is! I wonder what people would think if they received that one in the mail? And the ones on the bottom (5 + 6) Are so completely simple, but so cute. We've got a lot of deciding to do! I can't wait! Maybe you know of some awesome sites that do save the dates/invitations? I'd love a link if you do. xo. 

PS, in case you didn't know, those color block sections are our wedding colors! Yellows, Reds, Blues, Creams, and Pinks! When you see what our "theme" is, it will make much more sense.


  1. Oh goodness! I wish I lived closer to help you plan! So much fun!!! :) I started following your boards! I have one called "Reason I Want to Get Married" with all wedding stuff! Haha!

    1. I know, I wish you did too! I need some girlfriends to help me do all this stuff! I have none! boo. I will get on there asap and look at your boards! I love looking at everyone's wedding boards! I bet you've got some good stuff on there ;)

      For some reason I thought you were already married? I guess no?! haha, not trying to be rude!

  2. No... not yet... patiently, errr, impatiently waiting! ;)

    Also, I tagged you in a post on my blog today. I won't be mad/sad if you decide not to participate, but feel free to! I mostly tagged you so my (very few) readers will venture out to your blog! :)

    1. I was like that too! I impatiently waited for, like, 3 years! The time will come, eventually! :)

      Thanks so much for tagging me! I will most def fill it out, but I'd probably only be able to tag one or two people. You already did it, so I wouldn't want you to have to do it again. But it sounds fun, I will for sure fill it out.

      ps, Thanks for sending them my way :) If I had any readers, I'd send them your way.



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