January 21, 2012

Songbird Saturday #15

Today's playlist is full of classic 90's pop and alternative/grunge songs! This playlist gives me serious nostalgia! I was not old enough to appreciate most of these songs when they first came out, but when I started middle school I somehow got my hands on the name Nirvana and the rest is history. I was seeking out other music like it, all the Soundgarden/Pearl Jam/Stone Temple Pilots type bands and filling up my iPod with as much as I could get my hands on. (Obviously I'm not tooo old if I had an iPod in middle school, right?) Kurt Cobain will always and forever be my favorite, but I really like listening to these songs, on occasion, too. However, a lot of the pop songs I can remember listening to on the radio. Basically, a fun playlist from childhood! --Now excuse me while I go put on my daisy print dress, pull my socks up to my knees, and sport a sleeveless jean jacket. Happy listening!

Are you a 90s fan?! xo

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