January 13, 2012

What's in my bag?

Today's challenge on Instagram is to post a picture of 'What's in your bag.' So I thought it would be fun to share the details of that here! I've seen lots of people do it, and it's neat to see what things people keep in their bags. And to drool over all of the beautiful bags people carry. It's super cold here today so this was the perfect activity to do inside! Don't mind the ugly carpet, we rent! Do you do regular posts of what's in your bag? xo.
Clockwise From Top: Cosmo Mag with Dakota Fanning (she's adorable!) + Parent's mag ♥ Dainty Squid pouch with DS business cards ♥ 2011-2012 Daily planner (from Target) + headphones ♥  Owl journal  + Papermate pins--my fave! ♥ Lemon hand sanatizer ♥  Olivia Sticker + Movie Stub (We saw War Horse!) ♥ Taylor Swift CD ♥ Boy Girl Party Owl pocket mirror ♥ Gloves ♥  Random Instax and ribbon ♥  Nail Polishes: Forever 21 + Milani ♥  Headband + Dakota's cell phone :) ♥  Gum + WWJD Post-its ♥ Vera Bradley Folklore Pen ♥  Foxy Wallet ♥ Mini tape measure + EOS chapstick ♥ I got my bag at Target!


  1. I loooove what's in my bag posts. I've been wanting to do an update with my camera bag and my school bag sometime soon. You're inspiring me to do it in the coming week. :)

  2. I did one a long, long time ago here:


  3. Oh yay!! They're so fun, I can't wait to see yours! Especially the camera bag.


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