February 24, 2012

Deliciously Sew // Pouch + Clutch Update!

The pouches are my other favorite thing to make! It's so fun to shop for the perfect fabrics. I could spend all day browsing stores, or scouring the internet. I also love buying zippers, the perfect color zipper can make a pouch even more cute. I recently bought some really great fabrics and I've been having a great time making clutches. It's so hard to list them, because I want to keep them all! You can find all of the new pouches + clutches in our shop! We've listed a few of our Spring/Summer pouches and clutches, but we will be adding a lot more when Spring actually comes, so keep your eyes peeled! What's your favorite?! xo, Meghan


  1. I'm really fond of the double scoop mini pouch. So cute for spring/summer. :)


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