February 24, 2012

This Week + a Movie Trailer

This week I:

-Found this video (via Bri) and I cannot stop listening. It's so good.
-Spent a lot of time thinking about my blog, and what I want it to be.
-Watched a bunch of vlogs on blogging (ha) including this awesome one.
-Painted my nails to look like scallops.
-Decided to profesh. redo my blog, and am so excited dreaming up ideas!
-Added a bunch of cute plushies to the shop!
-Had a lot of play time with our awesome neighbors, and loved it!
-Tried the no heat curl, and then did it again the next day!
-Found this blog and fell in love. Her outfits are so dreamy!
-Got a super cute shirt + ate some yummy frozen yogurt. (Taro please!)
-Bought the Fun. CD and still only liked the two songs that are on the 7 inch. I hope it will grow on me!
-Told Bean we need to rent this movie this weekend. It's at redbox, and it's directed by Ben Nichols brother, Jeff Nichols. Who knew?!

What was your week like? I'm looking forward to this weekend! I'm hoping to get some much needed time with Bean. He's been working overtime for the past month and a half, I'm ready to do something fun! xo, Meghan

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