February 26, 2012

Photo Challenge Updates: week 8

This week and weekend went by so fast! Normally the weekends seem to fly by, but not normally the weeks. It seems especially long whenever Bean isn't getting home until after 9 each night. I've filled my week and weekend up with a bunch of fun things for Dakota and I so that we won't miss Bean as much. One of which being trying on my first ever wedding dresses tomorrow! I am not the retail store type, at all, when it comes to wedding dresses but I'm going just so I can get measured and further my belief that I cannot replace the dress I have my heart already set on. I can't wait to share the dress!

On a more related note....I've decided that, due to my lack of taking the prompt pictures on Instagram, I'll be posting the recap once a month! Feel free to still follow along via web.stagram or on Instagram (@ahoynative) if you have it! Dakota has been a dancing machine lately, and I just happened to catch her in the middle of one of her high spirited run-around-the-room-crazy-energy dances! I love running around dancing with her, it's the best!

Hope your weekend was just what you wanted. xo, Meghan

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  1. I look forward to your instagram recaps and I can't recall if I commented on your blog already, but it's so cute and I love the name.


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