February 27, 2012

A Sailing We Will Go!

1. fedora  // 2. socks // 3. denim vest // 4. Essie + OPI // 5. Lauren Moffatt dress // 6. necklace // 7. ship // 8. oxfords

I have always wanted to go sailing! I love the idea of living in a sailboat, waking up somewhere new each day. I'm working on convincing Bean that when we are old and gray we should get a sailboat and travel. He's not one for traveling, so it should be a great challenge! I will not take no for an answer :) I've had an account with Polyvore for a while now, but I never really understood how to use it. Every time I tried to create something I didn't save my last work, or didn't know how to export it. Well I figured it out and it's kind of addicting! This one is me channeling my dream day sailing. Truthfully, I'd like to wear these things even if I weren't out on the water! I've been having a real obsession with oxfords and hats lately

It's raining here, so if ever there were a day to be dreaming about being out on the water, today is that day! What have you been obsessed with lately? xo, Meghan


  1. I love this post. Harbor and I have been throwing out ideas for engagement photo shoots, and we're really leaning toward a nautical themed shoot on his family's sailboat if we can get over there soon enough. :)

    And, I actually just pulled out my little straw fedora hat last week, but am holding off on wearing it until it's sunny again! (Go away, rain.)

    1. Oh, I love that idea! I think that would be so so cute and charming! Plus, he sounds like a pretty nautical guy! ;)

      I've gone crazy over hats, I bought two different ones within two days. My favorite one ever got smashed in my suitcase on the way to warped tour last year, so lesson learned *don't put a straw hat in your suitcase!* I'm with you, I'm ready for the weather to make up it's mind and quit being so rainy!


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