February 20, 2012

What I wore: Easy Like Sunday Morning

Green jeans!! I am so excited about these. For a while, I really hated colored jeans. I know, crazy right? I'm glad to say that I am no longer naive about the power of a colored jean. Since before Christmas I've been dreaming of owning a green pair. So, if I seem extra happy in these photos, it's because I just crossed 'green skinnies' off my MUST get list! I've already added powder pink to the same list. Can we just talk about this hat for a second? I had the perfect straw fedora that Bean had gotten me on a beach trip a few years ago. Well, last summer on the way to warped tour I made the mistake of putting it in my suitcase. I had to lay that poor sad hat to rest. Since then, I've been on the look out for the perfect hat while thrifting to replace her, to no avail. So when I spotted this one (and it was the only one!) my heart did a little dance for joy and I quickly headed to the checkout with it. Something about the brown + black combo I really love lately. 
    Outfit Details:    
Green Jeans, Target // Shirt, Forever 21 // Sweater, Old Navy // Hat, Forever 21 // Necklace, gift from Ang // Houndstooth Clutch, Deliciously Sew // Moccasins, Minnatonka // Photos courtesy of Angela!

PS-Aren't these photos awesome? Bean normally takes my outfit photos (or I do!), but he was busy yesterday so Angela took them for me. We had to rush to take them in between massive storm clouds that kept blowing in and making everything dark and eerie. I love Bean for putting up with me always begging him to take pictures, but it's just that much easier having another lady taking the pictures. I have already warned Ang that I plan on begging her to take them now! Girls just get it, you know? 

How was your weekend?  XO Meghan!


  1. You are so pretty and I love your style!

    1. You are the sweetest! Thank you Amanda! <3


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