February 14, 2012

What I wore: Valentines Inspired

Okay, so I actually wore this to our craft show on Saturday. It was a Valentines parade + event, so I chose to step out in my "Valentines Day" outfit a few days early. If you could see me now you'd see me wearing this outfit and only swapping out the rust tights for red. I think I've mentioned it before, but when I find an outfit I like, I recycle it probably 3 or 4 times (sometimes consecutively!) before I move on to something else. In my defense, this is only my second time wearing it! I bought this dress a few weeks ago with Valentines Day in mind, but I just couldn't wait any longer to wear it, so I wore it to the Valentines themed craft fair! One thing I did differently wearing it today is that I tied the belt in the back to make a bow. I think details on the back of dresses are super cute!
One thing I love about this dress is that it has pockets! In my dream closet, every dress I owned would sport pockets. One this I super dislike about this dress is that it's a little big. I like a dress that folds over a little bit and is a tiny bit baggy, but the top of this dress is so overwhelmingly loose. Don't think that's going to stop me from wearing the heck out of it this spring/summer. I'm a sucker for feathers!

     Outfit Details:      Dress, Target // Sweater, Target // Tights, Target // Boots, so old I can't remember! // Socks, Target // Babushka necklace, Forever 21 // Black Coat, Christmas present (Forever 21)

PS- You can see my new tattoo peeking out of my sweater!♥ Hope you have a wonderful day filled with yummy sweets and a few extra X's and O's! Love, Meghan 

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