March 20, 2012

Birthday Wishlist Part 1

I'm not sure about you and your family, but in this house, birthdays are not only celebrated, they're welcomed with open arms! My birthday is almost here, (March 26th) and I can't help but be excited. There has been talk of going to St. Augustine (the oldest city in Florida) to ride bikes, and a trip to the beach. Bean mentioned that he wanted to commission the French bakery in town to create a giant nutella macaroon for my birthday cake. That is a man after my own heart! Here are a few things I'm wishing/dreaming for: 

1.//  These shoes are so super charming. Yes, "so super". I kind of think I need both color variations. Not pictured, both this pair, and this pair are in the back of my mind. I could pair them all easily with most everything in my wardrobe!
2.// A smash book. The whole concept seems so fun! I originally wanted one to plan for our wedding, but with it being less than 6 months away, I figured I'd probably just use it a a daily journal.
3.// I've had my eye on this pair of boots for a while now. I really like the two colors, but I just can't justify paying 80 bucks for them when a. It's about to be summer, and b. in the solid colors they are half price.
4.// A Melody Miller phone case. I really like the floral one, but I'm not picky! All three of her patterns are super cute!
5.// This super cute orange dress. I'm a sucker for stripes, and I don't own anything orange, so I think this dress was made for me. That tiny little brown bow belt doesn't hurt either! ;)
6.// This Winsome Wander Bag from Modcloth, would be so great. The scallops, tiny hearts, and coral/peach color are just lovely!
7.// I've been wanting these filters for my camera for a while. Also, not pictured, having one of these would be pretty awesome! I wouldn't have to bribe so many people to take my pictures ahem, Bean. 
8.// And lastly, I would really like a basket for my bike. It would be fun to ride to get frozen yogurt and then bring it back home in my basket. Even more so, I'd like a basket on my bike with a pug puppy + big red bow inside! What? A girl can dream!

Somethings not pictured:
-This Vanilla + Lace dress in mint. (Bean's mama actually gave me this dress on Saturday at the trio birthday party, it's so pretty!)
-This shirt is so awesome! So are these sandals, and this bag.
-I've been dying to get one of these. I wouldn't mind having this cute jumper either! (Owing a Red Velvet piece is on my to-do before my next birthday list!)

Clearly, you could buy me just about anything and I would be a happy birthday girl! I'll be back to share part 2, and why there is a part two a little later! xoxo,  Meghan


  1. I love that coral bag! It's just perfect! :) Lovely selection x

  2. I am loving that orange and grey striped dress. So beautiful! I need more things like that for my spring wardrobe. AGH! All I want to do is go shopping!

    P.S. LOVE the turquoise tights that you are sporting in the pictures below!

    new follower :)


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