March 20, 2012

Birthday Wishlist Part 2

Or should I say dream list! These are things that I just like to swoon over, and things that I would never actually ask for. Except the pug. I've been asking for a pug puppy for maybe 4 years now, to no avail. I'm hoping this is the year of the pug! Don't let me down, Bean! If you were wondering what I would name my pug, I'll tell you below. I wanted to create a just for fun post of things I absolutely love, but couldn't ever ask for as a birthday gift, so I made a part two! I swear I'm not greedy, I just like to daydream :)
1.// A pug puppy! Aka, a Nugget! I'm not picky, I'd prefer a girl, in fawn, but I would really take any cute pug pup that showed up on my doorstep. I'd name the girl, Isabella, and call her Bella. (via Phineas + Ferb, because Isabella is so cute on that show!) If he was a he, I'd name him Kingston. (via this awesome Title Fight song, and I just like the name Kingston!) 
2.//This satchel, from Modcloth. I'd put all of my camera accessories that I'm also wishing for in it, since we're dreaming, right?
3.//A banjo. They're just too cool. And no matter what you play, you can't sound bad!
4.// This gorgeous Rachel Antonoff dress. I don't play any trombones, but this dress is still so dreamy. There is only 4 left, and they have my size. Sign? I think yes!
5.// I don't own anything with a heel, except the shoes I just bought for the wedding (and I can't wear those!) I can totally imagine myself wearing these shoes all summer long! 
6.//This bedding from UO is so so pretty! 
7.//You can never have too many lenses, right?
8.//And the biggest dream of all!

xo, Meghan

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  1. That dress is so adorable. ModCloth always has the greatest dresses! I hope you get at least a couple items on your list for your birthday this year :)

    Little Lady Little City


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