March 05, 2012

What I wore: Details, Blonde, + Handmade

So, this week I found myself in Joannes browsing fabrics, which is where I find myself a lot. Then I found the fabric. The pretty, floral cotton fabric that I knew I wanted to make something other than a bow or pouch with. I wanted to wear this fabric. I set out to the patterns, frantically searching for a pattern for a high waist skirt (I start to go a little crazy when I get excited!) and found a pattern that I thought was basically what I needed. When I got home, I realized that I had only gotten 1.25 yards of fabric, and the pattern called for 2+ yards. I was super bummed, and about to just toss the pattern and then I remembered! My super wonderful neighbor sews clothes for her little girls. Two different fabrics, two days, and a yummy Mexican dinner later, we decided to just toss the pattern and make it ourselves! I couldn't be any happier with it, it's just so adorable, and exactly what I wanted! I defiantly want to make a few more in solid colors, and nothing feels better than making something yourself. A big thanks to my awesome neighbor + friend is who helped me create this!

                        Outfit Details:                    
Jean Jacket; Gap Kids // Shirt; Urban Outfitters // Skirt, Handmade!!! // Tights, Target // Shoes, Target // Pink Necklace; Forever 21

As if making this wasn't enough excitement for the weekend...both Angela and I got blonde ombre hair! I am completely in love with it, and can't stop playing with it and looking at it! XO. 


  1. Your hair is beautiful and I love the pairing of a t-shirt with a girly floral skirt. Your tights and jean jacket seal the deal!

  2. this outfit is amazing! i want to wear something just like it! i love the girly skirt with the t-shirt tucked in :)


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